Silicon-powered Solar Technology

Green Heat uses silicon: the world's most dependable solar technology. With over 40 years of demonstrated field performance, silicon modules have continued to outlast and outperform other solar technologies.

Green Heat offers reliable silicon solar products, including thin film, polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules, that allow customers design and application flexibility. High-performance features and superior reliability make Green Heat products the best choice for your solar power system.

High Module Efficiencies


Roofs often have limited space for solar modules. The higher each module's efficiency, the better the efficiency of the entire system. Our solar modules have above-average efficiencies of up to 15.7%.

Enhanced Weak Light Performance


Module output under laboratory conditions usually does not reflect actual output in real-world installations. In the field, performance under low light conditions has a strong impact on energy yield. Our novel cell design and improved solar glass ensure that our modules perform well under real world, low light conditions.

Self Cleaning


A special layer in the high quality solar glass of the our modules causes water to run off more quickly, thereby enabling the glass to clean itself of dust and dirt in a similar manner to the lotus effect. A further layer improves the reflective behavior, allowing more sunlight to be transported into the modules and causing less light to be reflected. In this way the module is also able to produce more electricity. An ingenious combination for improved yields and consistently high system performance.

Power Optimized Current Sorting


Green Heat sorts and packages modules with matching current characteristics to ensure each module string can achieve maximum power output. Current-matched modules install quickly, minimize lost power due to module mismatch, and maximize lifetime energy output.

Benefits of Solar

The increasing demand for fuel to sustain a progressive society has also brought upon a steady decrease in natural resources. This has given rise to concerns for the preservation of the environment and the search for renewable sources of energy. Among those sources is the sun, which can be harnessed through solar PV technology.

Solar technology is a proven and practical option because of its versatility and reliability in producing energy. With the sun being the most abundant, accessible source of energy – especially in a tropical country like the Philippines where there are great amounts of solar insolation – solar is a completely viable energy solution.

Solar PV technology offers many advantages such as:

  1. Savings. Whether for households or businesses, producing your own electricity allows you to use less public utility electricity.
  2. Reliability. Solar modules get their electricity from the sun: a constant, everyday source of energy that you can count on.
  3. Environmentally friendly. Solar energy production is emission-free, which produces clean, renewable electricity.

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