The Curve is the latest innovation in solar power technology. Lightweight, flexible, durable, and efficient, The Curve allows you to turn virtually any rooftop of any shape and size into a power plant. The future of solar power is here.

Create the future now!

Ultra-light, ultra-thin

70% lighter than conventional solar panels
7.4 kg light and 6mm thick

Flexible shape

Bends and adapts to surfaces


25 year warranty
Can withstand extreme wind (2,400 Pa)

High efficiency

Nearly 20% performance efficiency


205-215 watt power rating


Conforms to
International Electrotechnical Commision, and European standards


Quick delivery.

Fast installation.


  1. What makes The Curve unique?
    The Curve has higher output power compared to conventional crystalline silicon modules. It is also flexible as thin-film modules unlike conventional solar panels. The product’s new patented materials and unique manufacturing process gives it these features.
  2. Why is The Curve important for solar industry?
    Because it is ultra-light and flexible, The Curve can be applied on objects that are uneven, weak, or mobile and it can be handled, transported, and installed easily. This will dramatically change the way solar is used in the market – places and objects that could not hold solar panels before will now be able to.
  3. Does The Curve have certifications and other tests?

    Yes, The Curve received IEC certification early this year (2016), and other certifications and tests are on the way.
  4. What is The Curve’s warranty?
    GreenHeat provides a 25-year warranty to our customers, complying with industry standards.
  5. Where can I install The Curve?
    The Curve can be installed on virtually any surface. It can be seamlessly integrated with building surfaces and domestic applications, such as curved surfaces, tilted surfaces, facades, sun sheds and so on.
  6. Are micro-cracks easily formed on The Curve?
    The Curve is certified to withstand extreme wind (2,400 Pascal) and snow loads (5,400 Pascal).
  7. What characteristic of The Curve works against potential induced degradation (PID)?
    The Na+ in glass is the primary factor which leads to PID on conventional panels, but The Curve products do not use glass.
  8. Does The Curve tend to gather more dust than the conventional module?
    Dust collection is related to the surface energy of the object, lower surface energy for less dust collection. The surface energy of the front cover of is less than 100dyn/cm while the glass is 220-380 dyn/cm. The surface energy of The Curve front is three times less than that of glass and thus results in less dust collection.
  9. How can I put an order for The Curve? What is the price and lead-time?
    You can now put in your orders for The Curve by sending us an email or calling our office. The lead-time and price depend on your order size. Generally speaking, the delivery time of a 30KW order should be 2-4 weeks.

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Our affordable and customized systems are simple yet effective. With no moving parts, zero emissions and little maintenance, our systems can be outfitted to businesses and households, making clean energy a possibility for everyone.

GreenHeat can help you take those first steps towards a dependable, alternative source of energy today with the following services: design, installation, operation, and maintenance.


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Marine Technology Center Building
A. Soriano St. (formerly Aduana), cor. Arzobispo St.,
Intramuros, Manila

(02) 527 9055 / 527 9062
Fax: (02) 527 9047

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